Platforms & Solutions team key members
Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the OTT video segment, including some of the major OTT-players on the Russian market
  • Egor Yakovlev
    Founder & CEO

    Former CEO of Project – worldwide available subscription VOD-service for Russian- speaking audience. Founder and former CEO of the, the first Russian legal online VOD- service. Founder of the biggest Russian internet conference – Russian Internet Forum. Former Marketing director for Eastern Europe Middle East and Africa at Intel.
  • Aleksandr D.

    12 years experience of providing it infrastructure in the financial sector (RESO-Guarantee SK, CB MOSKOMMERTSBANK, IC East capital) 9 years of experience in providing Internet projects with high load (,, etc.)
  • Vadim K.
    Senior System Architect

    Extensive experience on the top IT-positions in large international and local companies, responsible for architecture of developed products and platforms.
  • Elizaveta S.

    Managing the development of complex it projects for more than 6 years, both new and existing projects. Search and integration of specialists into development teams. Establishing communication between customers and contractors in the implementation of projects. Cost optimization in project development.
  • Ivan P.
    Senior Product Director

    With 6+ years experience in VOD/OTT segment, Iмan responsible for UI/UX and design of the client applications for the developing solutions.
  • Natalia V.
    Software Development Director

    More than seven years of experience working on complex technological IT projects. Focus on planning and directly managing development, including participating in the design of the IT architecture of the developed solutions.
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