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Рrovides comprehensive functionality to automate and ease all payment-related business functions. It allows you to quickly deploy and configure your cloud or on-site billing platform and adjust it to the needs of your business and your clients' business. The solution provides you with total flexibility and control over all aspects of your subscription-based business, including configuring fixed, term, tiered or usage-based pricing; managing upgrades/downgrades, cross-selling and promotion; leveraging automated or manual renewal options; and offering relevant languages, currencies and payment methods, including seamless integration with external payment processors
The main functionality of the billing system is:
Subscriptions and recurring payments
The system supports the provision of subscription model services with the flexible configuration of rate plans, grace periods, and other payment settings. Rich subscription management tools allow you to set the schedule of price changes and upgrade rules for subscriptions and rates.
One-time payment
In addition to recurring payments, the billing system supports one-time payments (see below).
Multiple currency support
The billing system supports cross-currency conversions and payments. You may set up the price in one or several currencies.
Payment gateway
The billing system can be seamlessly integrated with any payment gateways and supports any of the payment methods that are available in the given gateway. Multiple payment gateways can be connected both to provide fault tolerance and to extend payment methods.
Apple Connect and Google Play
The billing system is integrated with Apple Connect and Google Play. This allows you to get all of the information about payments and transactions from them and to keep access information aligned between internal and external systems.
Flexible targeting options
The functional settings of products and rate plans allow you to set up any necessary targeting based on a number of factors, such as user geography, device, marketing channel, etc.
Trial access
For each rate plan, you can specify the trial access conditions.
Processing of failed transactions
The system follows write-off rules governing the grace period, notifies the buyer when a transaction is rejected, and offers various payment options.
Marketing activity
Discounts, rebates, coupons, promotions, condition discounts, referral programs; applicability criteria. Auto promo codes generation.
The billing system may work with or without PCI DSS certificates in accordance with the specific setup of your current infrastructure.