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Content Management System
Content Management System
Our CMS is a convenient, professional, fully functional and cost effective system that manages your website and client applications. It provides maximum capabilities for video content management. The CMS is designed for video content management and delivery to client applications, and it supports the customization of client applications, including basic setup and content access permissions
Our Content Management System is convenient for the end users and developers. It keeps development costs manageable, minimizes the total costs of ownership, and offers superior functionality, including:
Flexible content acquisition and storage.
Configuration of flexible content publishing links.
Mass actions with content objects.
Multi-level content directory.
Delayed content publishing.
A recommendation system.
Filters and content sorting (manual and automatic).
Metadata import/export.
Landing/onboarding pages creation.
Flexible access management.
Integration with external applications.
Notification and data validation system.
Creation of content collections for the generation of a main page, including complex showcases targeted to user OS, client application, device, user categories, etc.
The CMS makes video content management easier and less time consuming thanks to:
Flexible content publication settings: uploading to directory and creating collections for client applications.
Fast uploading of video files, audio tracks, and subtitles.
Mass metadata creation.
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
The most important features of the CMS system are:
Downloading and encoding
Download multiple package files at once, including video files (including 4K), audio tracks, and subtitles. Transcode content to optimize delivery to consumers through all devices, including Smart TV, STB, and mobile and tablet devices on cellular networks.
Metadata editing tools
Manage and change all video metadata, including titles, descriptions, publication schedules, categories, genres, studios, casts, starting/ending titles, etc. You may customize metadata fields and add new fields.
Organize your videos into auto playlists using content rules and targeting (geo, platforms, device, time, and user categories).
Targeting and blocking
Set the location rules to determine where the video content will be playable. Create new rules and set priorities by geography, timing, platforms, and partners using CMS settings.
Flexible content publishing rules: announcements, openings (simultaneous publication for certain devices), location and geography rules, and mass posting of content.
Download content assets
Flexible management of content assets. Design content of any complexity: previews, backgrounds, backgrounds with parallax-scrolling, posters, slideshows, video stubs, posters with auto promo labels, stills (auto or manual), and display of previews (while dragging the cursor over the video player's timeline).
Video syndication
Tool for providing third party API access to content with metadata.
Access management
Flexible access management with a certain amount of CMS functionality is available for each user.