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Core Platform Microservices
Core Platform Microservices
Linear TV delivery means broadcasting TV channels through the OTT interface. Our system accepts the multicast stream, processes it properly, and works in close cooperation with delivery systems to stream it out to subscribers. We provide you with APIs that allow you to add any delivery system depending on the wishes of customers.

Before the video is uploaded to the delivery system, our solution transcodes it in real time while adding the required keys at the same time. To do this, the channel is viewed as a video source. Importantly, it is not enough to use free solutions for live video transcoding, as they do not guarantee quality. So, we integrate with commercial transcoding solutions – Wowza, Bitmovin, TightVideo, NoisyPeak, – and transcode the linear channels "on the fly".

The next step is to encrypt the signal using the DRM system and distribute it to customers. In addition, we add metadata to the channel, such as a TV schedule, supporting images, references, etc.

We also support the TimeShift feature, which allows the end user to "rewind" the transmission.