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Support for client devices

Support for client devices
Our set of apps support all available client devices and/or software apps, including iOS-based devices, Android Mobile devices, and all kinds of Smart TVs, including different generations of TV sets by LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, etc., Android TV, Apple TV, web browsers with desktop or mobile computers, and different kinds of set-top boxes.

Our major competency is providing sophisticated support for Smart TV and TV-like web applications. It requires great expertise to create a smooth user experience for such applications. Since it is impossible to use standard mobile templates for Smart TV and TV-like applications, we mastered special patterns for that.

Instead of the classic model of downloadable apps that can take forever to be approved by a vendor moderator, we use managed server applications. That means we take over the function of storing and updating applications, and we deploy all of the app code in the cloud. The app code, which is primarily executed on a device, is a bootstrapper that never changes. Its function is to load the app code from the cloud container. This allows you to quickly update and download apps, because they don't have to pass vendor moderation before getting to end users.

You can download different executable files to different client apps, such as different TV sets. If a new and radically different app comes out, app testing will be limited to a few users it before it is rolled out to all users.
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